Retirees Embrace Work in Travel Industry for the Perks

The need to feel useful keeps us feeling fulfilled and gratified. That’s just one of the reasons why some retirees seek out part-time jobs. Another reason — the perks that come with the job! Some retirees feel like they’ve hit the jackpot by finding a part-time gig in the travel industry because they feel fulfilled, earn a paycheck, and score free and discounted travel.

This was a hot topic one morning on Alex + Andrea Live (95.9FM, 950AM). Here are the 3 reasons this trend is taking off:

Stay Engaged

Engagement is a key reason retirees are drawn to the travel industry. It keeps people connected and fulfilled, which allows for meaningful connections and a positive impact on mental well-being.

Financial Benefits and Perks

While money matters, it’s the attractive perks that truly entice retirees. Unlimited standby travel within the country, discounted hotel stays, and international travel opportunities are among the appealing benefits. It’s all about exploring the world at a lower cost that makes the travel industry so enticing.

Redefining Retirement

Retirement has transformed; it’s now about staying active, pursuing passions, and relishing life. The travel industry provides a platform for retirees to remain dynamic and relish exciting travel opportunities.

This modern retirement approach benefits both retirees and the travel industry. But before you jump in headfirst, consider the tax implications. Ensure the income from your hobby job doesn’t significantly change your tax bracket. Efficient tax planning maximizes financial gains. If you need help planning, call the experts at ReJoyce Financial at (317) 903-9157.

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