Tipflation: Navigating the Etiquette of Tipping

Tipping, once straightforward, has evolved into a nuanced practice, sparking debates about when and how to leave gratuities. Navigating this landscape requires a balance between valuing service and being mindful of your finances. Tipflation is one on the topics we discussed on Alex + Andrea Live (7-8 a.m., 95.9FM, 950AM) to help you get through the new world of tipping:

Understanding Tipping

Certain situations demand less expectation for tips. Professionals like doctors and lawyers usually have salaried incomes and don’t rely on gratuities. Similarly, counter service roles like baristas or cashiers earn wages and don’t heavily rely on tips. Politely declining in these cases is acceptable, even if prompted.

Avoiding Double Tipping

Steer clear of double tipping, especially if gratuity is already included in the bill. This is common in open bar events and services where tipping is factored into the pricing. So, when in doubt, check the amount; you may have already tipped without even knowing it.

Displaying empathy towards service workers is a kind act. Many endure low wages and challenging conditions. Even with subpar service, tipping can be a compassionate gesture. Yet, remember that tipping for poor service doesn’t guarantee better future service quality.

Have you tip-toed around subpar service? Have you ever felt obligated to tip when you didn’t think you had to? Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter to discuss your take on tipflation and similar experiences.

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